Pitch + 250 Contest

23 May

Hello everyone!

I recently entered a contest over at Adventures in Young Adult and Children’s Publishing called the Pitch + 250 contest. For the contest, we were asked to submit the pitch for our book, as well as the first 250 words. Out of the 100 entries, the top 50 were chosen by the hosts for the first round. The top 50 were then judged by book bloggers/reviewers to the top 25, and subsequently judged again by young adult authors to narrow it down to the top 10 entries. To my absolute surprise, my entry is a part of the top 10.


When I entered, I thought I’d be happy enough to get to the top 50 and I never ever expected to get this far, but I am so ecstatic and humbled.

At this point, the top 10 entries have been posted on the site and are currently being evaluated by agents. The top entries receive critiques from one of the judges and I can’t tell you how critical that extra eye is when you’re trying to publish.

I’d love for you to head over to their website and check out the entries. Comments don’t affect the outcome, but I really encourage you to read all the entries and leave the authors some love. It’s incredibly nerve wracking to put your work out there to be judged, especially when you’re unpublished. There are some really amazing entries and I’m so humbled to be included with them.


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