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Long time, no see

18 Aug

Helllllo everyone!


So long time since my last post and a lot has been going on. Unfortunately not a lot of agent offers or publishing yet, but that’s okay. I’m enjoying the journey so far. 

As of right now, I am putting Earth to Earth on the back burner right now because I don’t want to oversaturate myself with that one novel and to be honest I feel it could use a massive re-write. I guess that’s what happens when you start a novel and don’t finish it for a couple of years. My writing improved and unfortunately it becomes really hard to just edit the old stuff at that point. I’ll get back to it someday.

But the really exciting news is that I’m getting close to closing out my 2nd novel, working title of Fallout right now. I always seem to be halfway through a story when the genre starts getting saturated, so although the dystopian genre is an extremely hard sell right now, I really believe in the story so I’m going to finish it as planned. Trends come and go, but I believe you have to go with your passion for the story above all else. 

Without sharing too much, here’s a glimpse of what’s to come with Fallout:

Harper was 12 years old when the world came to a halt and her father whisked her family away to an underground bunker below the subway system of New York City. Five years later, when their supplies get dangerously low, Harper makes the decision to go above ground, not sure of what or who she’ll find. She discovers the shell of a city, a teeter totter of chaos and silence dance in the streets, and a boy she never thought she’d see again finds his way back into her life. Can she save her family and her city before it’s too late?


Thank you again for sticking with me and supporting me through this long, wonderful, sometimes sad, but hopeful journey!