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Title Reveals!

10 Nov

As most of you know, this series is a planned trilogy and I am happy to announce that I have come up with the titles for each book of the series and I am so excited about them! Titling is definitely not my strong suit and I firmly believe that like when you find your wedding dress, when you find your title you should get that feeling. After stressing about it, doing word association, writing down word lists, scouring poems and lyrics and doing almost everything under the sun to find that feeling, I found it in these titles. I couldn’t believe how well they fit with the plots of each book and I am elated that I finally have something that I am confident about. This is a very visual process for me and I knew that these were it when I could see the cover for the first book in my head using the title.


So without further adieu unless you’ve glanced at the new menu on the top, these are the working (hopefully permanent) titles for The Guardian Trilogy:

Earth to Earth…

Ashes to Ashes…

Dust to Dust…

Let me know what you think in the comments!